Sharjah’s Hanging Gardens in Kalba


Among the many other attractions, The Hanging Gardens in Kalba, Sharjah is my favourite for a quick detour out of the city. It features waterfalls, terraces and plenty of green spaces spread across 1.6 million square feet.

The Hanging Gardens is also home to more than 100,000 trees. The new attraction towers at a height of 281 meters above sea level. It has a central restaurant that can accommodate more than 200 people and offers scenic views of the waterfalls and gardens. There is also a 760-metre-long running track for fitness enthusiasts, mountain climbing routes for the adventurous, recreational areas for the children and a designated skating zone for the skaters which covers an area of around 24,000 sqft.

There is also an excursion train which takes around 55 passengers through four train stations for visitors to explore the different parts of the garden.


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