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During my recent trip to Islamabad, Pakistan, I had the opportunity of flying on the new low-cost carrier, Fly Jinnah. I was truly excited about this flight since it was my first time flying with the airline. So I thought why not share my Fly Jinnah Review with you guys.

Besides, if you happen to always be on the lookout for flight deals, you’ll notice that Fly Jinnah’s fares are simply hard to resist, domestic as well as international. My flight was international, from Shajah to Islamabad and they had it started a month or so ago. I have flown with PIA and AirBlue in the past, so I wanted to experience Fly Jinnah this time.

Update: I’ll be flying back with them in some time so I will update whatever I missed and should have included in the review.

The Flight

Fly Jinnah operates on an Airbus A320 which is common for aircraft of its kind, primarily used on domestic routes or short-haul flights. The route was from Sharjah (SHJ) to Islamabad (ISB) with a flight time of 3 hours and 20 minutes.


I booked my ticket on their website They have their Andriod App too!

As it’s a low-cost carrier, you won’t find First Class or Business Class. Instead, when you book a Fly Jinnah ticket, you’ll see three different booking options based on features: Basic, Value and Extra. The Basic class ticket comes with the most restrictions.

As you can see, it only includes the 10 kg Carry-on Baggage and will charge you for adding checked Baggage, Meal or Seat. This is basically how Low-Cost Carriers operate, charging you for every extra feature other than basic travel needs.

Check-in and Being on time

I always try to self-check in early to make sure I’m good to go once at the airport. It’s possible via the Fly Jinnah mobile app and the check-in desk.

I left around 6:30 am early to avoid unexpected delays on the roads and drop off my luggage. It may seem crazy but I tend to prefer leaving early for flights. Because I feel stressed as traffic and unforeseen incidents can’t be predicted. It is much better to check-in online, be early and give yourself time to grab a bottle of water and comfortably board your flight. The baggage-drop counters are quick, open three hours before the flight and close an hour before boarding.

Fly Jinnah Airbus A320 Cabin and Seat Review

We were given a lovely welcome at the door by the crew who were in a good mood. Fly Jinnah’s fleet has 180 seats in a standard 3-3 configuration. You can always purchase a seat with increased legroom on the emergency exit row.

When I checked in online, I selected a window-side seat for myself. I love the scenic views out of the window and I don’t like to sit in between strangers. So, I always try to book my seat online as soon as check-in opens. The seats were comfortable as much as expected from a low-cost airline. They were clean and in good shape.

In-Flight Entertainment on Fly Jinnah

As Fly Jinnah is a joint venture of Air Arabia, they use the SkyTime In-flight streaming service of Air Arabia. I didn’t use it during my first flight with them but you can find all the content on the SkyTime Website.

In-Flight Meal on Fly Jinnah

Fly Jinnah offers a very basic menu which you can check out here. As it was Ramadhan, I didn’t have their meal. And yes, as mentioned earlier, you have to pay extra for your meal either at the time of booking or in-flight during serving time.

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