Why I hate Apple iPhone – The Rant


Guys! this is not an insult to anyone who likes Apple. It is however a rant.

I am/will be sharing my experience with the models I owned/own/own in the past, present or future. So I will be updating this post with time. Also, as the iOS regularly updates, So I’ll list them according to their versions and the things that I hate in that version or as a general in all.

Since the problem could be with the hardware or the software, I’ll divide this blog into two sections. The first would be Why I hate the iOS – Operating system which the iPhone runs on and the 2nd section would be about the device itself.

Why I Hate iOS

Apps are Expensive. Apart from finding free apps on the App Store, most of the apps are priced higher than on the Android Google Play Store. For example, a certain game will charge $4.99 US for a monthly package if you are on Android but $6.99 US if you are on iOS.

Limited Customization. Being an Android fan, I like how you can customisation your phone. There are tons of customisations available natively as well as from a bigger selection of third-party apps. There are widgets, and unique launchers, almost everything can be customised according to your style.

Overkill with security and double checks and Apple IDs and passwords and Apple check and security this, secure your security secureness of the securest sucuredness ; check this check that check that takes forever to do stuff. forbid you to sign in too many times, you’re screwed.

Cannot use most android apps, i.e. the best ones.

The difficulty or NON-option with transferring music to a computer, another user, or Android device without LOSING EVERYTHING. Update: After switching to Android from Apple, I did lose all my music!!! Good thing I only had originally, like, 250 songs. Could have been worse. I salvaged about 30 songs I had bought off Amazon Music and downloaded them to my PC. Within moments of hooking up my new phone, I transferred everything with no issue.

The fact that forbid you or some absentminded or elderly person who needs help forgets or loses their password the phone is icloud locked forever and as useful as a $1,000 brick. Yeah, that means you’ll have to buy a new phone from us ~ Apple. You know you want it.

It is one of the least user-friendly and confusing interfaces I have dealt with, slide this, triple tap that, shake the phone to undo, screw this, twist that, options I would never know about because I don’t feel like memorizing friggin finger dance moves just to use my phone. There’s a 100 options on this interface, but you’ll NEVER figure them out, muhahahahah! ~ Apple. It’s like a puzzle game or something. Android is much more straightforward. Update: I had no idea that Android could mimic all of the supposedly exclusive gestures of the iPhone. I have been using them gradually according to my own learning curve. Being given a choice is the important thing.

The fact that it’s so dependent on using other Apple stuff to make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, Apple TV, Mac, Apple Watch… syncing this syncing that. Oh, connecting to that smart device won’t work. It’s not smart enough unless we manufacture it, silly ~ Apple.

Oh, sure, we have a file system, but you’ll never find it muhahahaha! It’s buried underneath code and your grandma’s super secret, hard-to-break storage box, and if you try to touch it we’ll penalize you with a violation of your warranty. Yeah, that means you’ll have to buy a new phone from us. Don’t try to store anything, or you’ll hear from us. ~ Apple. So yeah, I have lots more annoyances with Apple, but most of them are already covered here.

Why I Hate iPhone

Hate with all Models

Rejects off-brand chargers or devices that are designed for Apple, some even toying with you, working for a short while and then never again after the invisible Apple police wirelessly denounce it.

Apple iPhone 7

I did not buy an iPhone. My brothers gave it to me this time. After a few days with it, I’m ready to throw it in a river.

Battery life SUCKS. I’m sorry. I’ve owned several androids over the years, and I’ve never had such poor performance. There’s nothing technically wrong with it. I’ve heard similar comments from other iPhone users.

No Audio Jack. I don’t know what is wrong with Apple. Why they are enforcing the use of their proprietary hardware? The 100-year-old technology has worked perfectly in all devices until Apple, in its infinite wisdom, ditched the audio jack in favour of proprietary hardware. You will have to use earbuds that use the Lightning connector, used to charge the phone, or with expensive wireless headphones.

No wireless charging or fast charging. Android flagships have added wireless charging as well as fast charging and iPhone 7 still falls behind the competition. This is even more of an issue when you consider the previously listed problem – the missing 3.5 mm audio jack. It won’t be a big issue for some, but being able to quickly charge your phone while on the go is becoming more and more important the more our smartphones become integral to our daily lives.

No HD 1080p display. It’s not that the iPhone 7’s screen is terrible, by any means, but in terms of resolution, it’s hardly high-end either. Its resolution is a measly 750p. Even though the Plus version has 1080p still the standard iPhone 7 model should have 1080p. Its competitors such as Samsung’s Galaxy S7, boast a 1440p display, outshining both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Sony’s Z5 Premium is coming out with a 4K UHD display. 750p is child’s play in the current phone market and a pretty massive letdown for the iPhone 7.

No USB-C or expandable storage. Apple is stuck in its lightning connector while the world has moved to a much more universal USB-C, that’s becoming more and more ubiquitous by the day. I would say again, Proprietary hardware! Most of smartphones have moved to the universal USB-C which makes it easy for us to use the same charger with all phones and I guess it’s better in terms of features too. Another joke with Apple iPhones is, they sell you storage at a higher rate which would have been so cheap if they have added expandable storage on iPhones.


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