My Favourite Shawarma Restaurants in Sharjah


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Spread across the Arab World, the most ubiquitous street food you will find is the Shawarma. With different varieties, spices and tastes, I’ll tell you where to find my favourite and the best shawarma restaurants in Sharjah.

Made with meat (traditionally, of lamb or mutton but chicken is more famous) that is cut into thin slices, stacked in an inverted cone, and roasted on a slow-turning vertical spit. The surface of the rotisserie meat is routinely shaved off, customarily with a long, flat knife once it cooks and is ready to be served. Shawarma is commonly served as a sandwich or wrap, in a flatbread such as pita, laffa or lavash.

My Favourite & Best Shawarma Restaurants in Sharjah

1. Farouj Fawaz

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