Sharjah: Najd Al Maqsar Village – History on Top of a Mountain

Perched on the high point of the Khorfakkan mountains, the village overlooks a breathtaking panorama of rolling hills, dense forests, and distant horizons. The changing hues of the sky—from fiery sunsets to star-studded nights—paint a mesmerizing backdrop for this tranquil sanctuary. The house itself is a testament to traditional mountain craftsmanship, featuring hand-hewn wooden beams, […]

My Career in the United Arab Emirates

Jobs in Dubai

In 2019, I came to the United Arab Emirates for the first time in search of a job. I didn’t got a job and I had to return back to Pakistan. It was just before the lockdowns due to COVID-19 and I will say, may be it was for the better that I returned on […]

Dubai: Essential Apps That Made My Life Easier in the Emirate

Must-Have Apps to Conquer Your Life in the Emirate Dubai, the city of extravagance and innovation, thrives on convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned resident or a fresh arrival, having the right apps on your phone can make your life significantly easier. From navigating the metro, hailing a taxi ride, ordering food online, sending a parcel, […]

Cycling in the UAE: Laws, Rules & Tracks

The UAE has specific rules and regulations for cyclists to prioritize their safety and the smooth flow of traffic. Here’s a summary of the key points: General: Lanes and tracks: Additional safety tips: Be predictable: Use hand signals to indicate turns and stops, and make eye contact with motorists to ensure they see you.Stay alert: […]

How to tell your address in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Ever heard the myth that Dubai doesn’t have streets or addresses? Fear not, wanderlust warriors! While navigating the emirate’s dazzling cityscape might seem cryptic at first, understanding Dubai’s unique addressing system is quite straightforward. Buckle up, fellow explorers, as we unravel the secrets of telling your address in the land of sand and skyscrapers! Ditch […]