How to tell your address in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Ever heard the myth that Dubai doesn’t have streets or addresses? Fear not, wanderlust warriors! While navigating the emirate’s dazzling cityscape might seem cryptic at first, understanding Dubai’s unique addressing system is quite straightforward. Buckle up, fellow explorers, as we unravel the secrets of telling your address in the land of sand and skyscrapers!

Ditch the Zip Code and embrace the PO Box: Forget those five-digit sequences cluttering Western addresses. Dubai, and the entire UAE, operate on a PO Box system. These handy boxes act as your personal mail hubs, receiving your correspondence from postcards to parcels. Your PO Box number is the cornerstone of your address, so memorize it well!

Building Blocks of an Address: Now, let’s build your address on top of that PO Box foundation. Imagine it like ascending the Burj Khalifa – one level at a time. Here’s the order:

  1. PO Box Number: This is your essential element, your mail magnet. For example, PO Box 12345, Dubai, UAE.
  2. Building Name (Optional): If your building has a snazzy name (think “Burj Khalifa View Apartments”), include it after the PO Box.
  3. Street Name (Optional): Some streets in Dubai have names, but don’t rely solely on them. They might change or simply not be in official records.
  4. Area Name: This is crucial! Dubai is divided into districts called “areas.” Knowing yours, like Downtown Dubai or Jumeirah Beach Residence, helps pinpoint your location.
  5. City and Country: Finally, don’t forget “Dubai, UAE” to clarify your global positioning.

Bonus Tip: Many buildings in Dubai have a “Makani number” – a unique identifier assigned by the government. While not essential for mail delivery, it can be helpful for online orders or local deliveries. You’ll usually find it on a plaque somewhere near the building entrance.

Putting it All Together: So, your final address might look something like this:

PO Box 12345,
The Palm Jumeirah Apartments,
(Optional: Palm Jumeirah Street),
Jumeirah Beach Residence,
Dubai, UAE


PO Box number is king!
Use area names instead of relying solely on street names.
Makani number is a bonus for local deliveries.
Voila! You’re now equipped to confidently share your Dubai digs with the world. No more lost letters or confused delivery guys. Now go forth and explore, knowing your desert haven has a clear address waiting to be discovered.

P.S. Feeling tech-savvy? Some delivery apps and services in Dubai allow you to use GPS coordinates instead of traditional addresses. Experiment and find what works best for you!

Happy navigating, Dubai adventurers!


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